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Kind Words

I am so thankful that one of my bridesmaids introduced me to Leslie and LeAnn just in time for my wedding. They were the easiest and most understanding to communicate with, and throughout the entire process they were focused on making sure I felt completely myself. Their fun spirit and calming presence set the tone for the day.


I was literally over the moon obsessed with my  hair and makeup. Wouldn't have changed a thing, and I was picky! I'm so thankful that Bliss such a big part of my day.


Bliss was the best hair and makeup team I could ever ask for on my wedding day! They made us all look gorgeous and helped us feel our best selves. They were so fun to work with and made my wedding morning so enjoyable. The team is so incredibly talented and could do exactly what all of us envisioned for our hair and make up. If you’re looking for a hair and makeup team for your wedding- Bliss is it!!!


Cannot even begin to tell you how happy I was with Bliss on our wedding day!! Beyond everyone’s hair and make up looking STUNNING, Bliss was so enjoyable to have with us at my parents’ home while we got ready. They created such a relaxing, low stress environment, despite the craziness of the day. We all sincerely loved just spending time with these two awesome ladies, which was as important to me as the actual services. 


We love the Bliss team! We used them for both mine and my sister's wedding, as well as events leading up to the weddings. I love that I can be open and honest about my vision with hair and make-up, and they know exactly how to make me feel my best self. They are so easy and fun to be around. Highly recommend!!!

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